Who Are We?

Antroya, that has been doing business since 2005 and effectively collecting accounts in Turkey on a “No Cure No Pay” principle. Antroya, is one of the leading as well as predominant legal consulting and debt collections offices. Antroya is the first international debt collection office in Turkey and holds all rights for the INKASSO trademark in Turkey since 2009.
On the grounds of our professional business principles and extensive market experience we were able to successfully create long lasting relationships with the world’s most notorious institutions in debt collections sector and export insurance companies.
Antroya stands as the preeminent collection partner for some of world’s largest Credit as well as Trade Insurance Corporations dating back to 2009 and holds extensive experience in collecting of credit insurance risks. We have been successful in processing outstanding claims worth millions of dollars in both B2C and B2B markets.

What Makes Us Different?

- Ethics, Standards and Respect
- We work with the latest techniques and software’s
- Our staff is frequently being trained and given briefings in order to improve their skills and stay up to date
- We provide competitive rates
- Being one of the first and leading international debt collection offices in the region
- High quality solutions that suit client’s need
- Various service payment options
- Inhouse pre-legal and legal services
- Strong internal investigation team
- Knowledgeable, experienced and well-educated staff
- Prompt response time
- Providing correspondence to our clients in multiple languages
- Both our Domestic and International debt collection services carry our “No Cure, No Pay” guarantee, this provides our clients a risk-free debt collection strategy regardless of the debtor’s location

When it comes to debt collection and enforcement in the court Judgements look no further. We have decades of experience in helping creditors collect their receivables in amicable ways and through court procedures. Our extensive knowledge and experience makes us your ideal strategic partner.

Why Antroya?

Our teams have a great commitment to quality and performance that is unsurpassed by our competitors. We have the ability to change swiftly to meet each of our client’s needs while maintaining client satisfaction. Overall there are many reasons to choose ANTROYA for all of your debt collections but the most important reason is the RESULT that we can provide you with. Because we realize that providing great results and creating good reputation is not the only for today, it is for the future. We provide solutions so that you can focus on what is best for you.