has been working in the field of
debt recovery dating back to 2005

We are working with global most experienced and known networks in debt recovery. We are proud to work with the world’s leading financial services companies and groups, who have global largest network in International Receivables, alike we are a member several world's leading debt recovery networks.
Working closely with such organizations, allows Antroya to be able to cover around 120 countries worldwide.But that kind of success comes, just when you sit idly or do not have strict work ethic principles being put into practice? With that, our team works hard to bring success to every matter.

These three have proven to:

  • Earn our clients’ trust
  • Build our reputation
  • Attract thousands of individual and business, all of whom (98%) have successfully dealt through their legal issues with our timely and diligent assistance.

We’ve always cherished the three pillars which our company has always stood by:

  • A Commitment to Excellence
  • A Passion for Justice
  • An urge for fair pricing


Our Lawyers



Collaboratively revolutionize

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  • A percentage of individual cases that we take yearly, on average
  • A share of commercial/business cases that we process yearly
  • This is how many cases we end up winning, either civil or commercial

We Stand By


A Commitment to Excellence

Our highly competent, qualified, legal and ethical approach provides access to a comprehensive range of services to help you and your business recover the outstanding debts that you may have.


A Passion for Justice

Antroya aims to provide the best legal services and solutions for debt recovery to its respectable clients from all over the world that exceed the expectations.


An Urge for Fair Pricing

With our passion for justice and providing excellent services to our clients, we stand by fair pricing with our No Cure No Pay principle.

Testimonials & Client
Thank You Letters

Jenna Hawkins

We have been working with Antroya Debt Collection for over 10 years. Antroya has provided us its extraordinary and professional solutions both in the amicable resolution of the files we send and in the legal resolution. We can recommend them at any time to anyone who needs debt recovery or legal services.
We have been with Antroya for a couple of years. They are handling our cases against companies located in Turkey and we are very happy to work with them. We are a company that specialize in international debt collection and we have a network of debt collection agencies and law firms around the world who collect debts on behalf of our clients. Since we have local partners in each country, it is very important for us to have great partners who both have a high success rate on the cases that we send them but also partners who communicates well with our clients. These are two very important characteristics that our partners must have and Antroya is great at both. It is important for us that our partners can help our clients not only to collect their debts in the out of court phase but also in the court phase (taking legal actions) which Antroya is able to do. Since we are working with Antroya and have been for a couple of years, we can definitely recommend others to use their services for debt collection in Turkey.

Jeffrey Donovan

We are a collection agency in China and we have been working with Antroya Debt Collection & Law Office since 2020. Firstly, we must express our gratitude to this agency for their efforts and help, and we are very satisfied with their collection services. Most importantly, Antroya Debt Collection & Law Office helped us recover a total of about $150,000 in arrears, and helped our Chinese creditors recover a lot of losses. In one case, the creditor himself had been collecting for three years without success, and then Antroya Debt Collection & Law Office intervened for two months and the debtor gave a repayment plan. We consider them to be a very professional collection agency in Turkey. Next, in the process of cooperation, their information feedback is very timely, and they will also listen to our opinions to help us. For some difficult cases, they also conducted site visit investigations to check about the debtor's situation. This makes creditors also satisfied with our services. Finally, we hope to continue long-term cooperation with Antroya Debt Collection & Law Office to help more Chinese companies recover their debts in Turkey.

Peter Jacobson