You can contact Antroya at any time for your Collection. For this, you can create a membership from the customer login section on our website, then share the relevant information and documents with us and wait for our Representative to get in contact with you. Our Customer Representatives will return to you within 48 hours at the latest and will give you detailed information on the issues you are wondering about.
The creditor can apply to Antroya for all his receivables that are due but not paid. Early application will prevent time loss and liquidity problem. While you are making new agreements, we will inform you by creating a solution for your overdue receivables as soon as possible.
Our service fee is determined according to the commission method. In this method, the service fee is calculated by taking a certain percentage of the amount we collect from your receivable. This percentage is determined separately for each file within the scope of the status of the file and the documents you have given us.
For your receivables that cannot be resolved by amicable means and that you want to be collected by legal means, legal costs and transaction summaries are calculated separately and shared with the creditor, and the transactions are started after the creditor's approval. The creditor who does not want to continue the legal proceedings can stop the proceedings of the file at any time.
The debtor will make the payment to the creditor. In some special instances, the payment can be made to our overseas office or to us,  provided that the creditor's prior approval is obtained. This amount is transferred to the creditor's account as soon as possible.
With our reliable and expert legal staff, we have been carrying out all kinds of legal follow-up and collection transactions in both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) receivables for more than 17 years, in a faultless and complete manner. We think that we are the most suitable address for the collection of your receivables with our vast knowledge and experience in this field.
In our fields of activity, we operate as a part of many world-renowned and highly prestigious institutions and organizations. In addition, we ensure the collection of your receivables by communicating with the debtors in the shortest possible time with our wide communication network. These are our most distinctive features that distinguish us from our competitors.