Company Incorparations

Company incorporations and busines establishments are the things that come up your mind when you want to conduct business. For that, you have to determine what you need in order to fulfill your desires in the business sector.

In company incorporations practice, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) are the most preferred type of incorporation. LLC's grant limited liability, flexibility, minimum capital requirements and simple taxation. To see the LLC incorporation procedure in Turkey, you may visit

Sometimes you may have to incorporate an entity other than the LLC if it is mandated by the law. That is why Joint Stock Companies (JSC's) are also one of the most preferred business entities. It is the best way to open up your business to public. JSC's also have a lot of prestige in the business community. To find information obut JSC's, you may visit

Inexperienced and unprofessional persons may waste your time and money by failing to incorporate. For a proper incorporation, you may want to get consultancy from a lawyer or a law office who specialized in corporate law.

With 17 years of experience corporate law, Antroya can understand what you are looking for in regards to company incorporations. To see our legal staff, you may visit