Immigration Law

Immigration law is defined as the act of someone to live in a different country. Moreover, for detailed expression, you may visit

In today's global system, anyone wants to migrate to another country permanently or temporarily due to his/her financial improvement, or personal reasons such as family issues or employment.

Most of the countries allow foreigners to settle within their borders as both immigrant and non-immigrants. Immigraiton purposes may be for educational, family based, employment based, investment and commercial based purposes.

Generally speaking, the main administration about Immigration in Turkey is the Presidency of Migration Management. Presidency of Migration is a subsidiary division of Ministry of Interior. To reach the main administration, you may visit

The main regulations on Turkish Immigration Law are:

You would want to carry out a proper immigration and naturalization procedure for your own good. With this intention, to get succeed and receive a positive result, you may want to get a consultation from a lawyer.

Antroya had numerous cases closed successfully on both immigrant and non-immigrant priorities and has the qualified and experienced staff to file, track and realize your visa applications, petitions, and any other procedures related to the immigration law. To reach our staff, you may visit