Business Litigation

Business litigation is a way to settle the commercial disputes by legal procedure. Not every commercial relation may be concluded successfully. Due to the nature of work and financial and/or personal reasons, parties of a business relationship may fall into disputes. Therefore, parties may need to go for litigation, where the negotiations come to a dead-end.

In order to conclude a litigation process successfully and enforce claim against the debtor, many ways are possible such as debt collection, insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring, or submitting a case to the commercial court.

The two main laws regulating the business litigation in Turkey are:

Before filing a complaint to the court, there may be mandatory alternetive dispute resolutions that parties should apply. For example, according to the Law No.6102 Article 5/A, parties should apply for mandatory mediation before bringin the matter to the court. In that case, parties should apply for the mediation first, otherwise court shall deny their demand for a court order.

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