Investigation Services

Investigation Services are important for both legal and-pre legal cases if you want to collect your claim succesfully. You may want to work with someone professional in order to get adequate service. For the definition of investigation, you may refer to

For the competence of the pre-legal stages of any collection process, it is crucial to find the other party’s financial status and the capability to collect the debt in regards to the relationship between the parties involved. There are several ways to detect the financial situation of the debtor,such as:

  • Address checks
  • Demand letters
  • Legal notices
  • Site visits
  • Credit reports

All investigative procedures must be done before deciding to continue the collection stage or not. Investigation Services encompasses all of those given above, regardless if the case is in legal or pre-legal stage.

With its connections throughout various national and international sources, Antroya is the best place for you to track down your debtor/defendant in order to find out the financial status of the debtor/defendant and decide whether to collect your claim or not. Antroya has the qualifiaction to prepare and provide reports to the client after the investigation is over, in accordance with the status of the debtor. To reach our staff, you may visit