İnternational Debt Collection

No Cure No Pay is a type of service where the service provider requests no payment from the client without collection of at least a part of the debt amount.

Our teams have a great commitment to quality and performance that is unsurpassed by our competitors. We have the ability to change swiftly to meet each of our client’s needs while maintaining client satisfaction.

We are Turkey’s first firm which has been specializing in international receivables management as well as debt recovery in Turkey.

Antroya Law Office is the first office in Turkey to hold the INKASSO trademark rights. This proves that we are the first amicable receivables management office in Turkey.

Antroya`s intent and pure purpose is to provide solutions to the many issues related to the international receivables as well as domestic debt recovery issues on no cure no pay basis. To reach our staff, you may visit

Our office is in constant practice observing the standards of practice defined by several international organizations. Antroya is also a member of several organizations such as FENCA, ACA, IACC and many others. To reach the FENCA members, you may visit For further information about ACA, you may refer to To find out information about IACC, you may visit